Wigan Little Theatre

Wigan Little Theatre is a 230-seater intimate venue located in the heart of the North West of England. The theatre is host to a real mix of traditional and contemporary practice, but the exsisting brand was dated. As a self-initiated brief, we decided to bring some life to the theatre by making the transition from traditional to contemporary, attracting a newer more youthful audience, whilst retaining the current loyal fan base.


A Transitional Brand

The original brandmark of the theatre, which is based off the front of the building, was over 150 years old so the re-brand was carefully considered. The old brandmark was refined then split into a series of shapes which formed the new brandmark. The letterforms of the initials of the theatre were generated from these shapes. The brandmark is interchangeable, meaning that the transition from old to new isn't lost entirely. 


Selling Theatre to the Next Generation

A new colour scheme was created which consists of 3 pairs of complementary colours plus black and white. This not only helps break up different events and sections within the theatre, but also helps make that transition from traditional to contemporary a little clearer. This was paired with a new slogan and corporate typeface which plays on the fact that the theatre might be small but still packs a punch. 


Brand Building Blocks

The Brand System is built upon a series of interchangeable shapes which have been derived from the original brandmark. These shapes are what we call the 'Brand Building Blocks' and are used at the heart of internal and external campaigns.


Dialect directed at Northerners

Being located in the North West of England meant that the target audience was specific to that area. We decided to emphasise the local language through creative copy writing in order to make the brand more unique to the town as well as grabbing the attention of the small community.