One Plus Draft

Metrin Skincare 

Originating in 1932, METRIN® is a trusted range of skincare products that have been formulated to cleanse, nourish and protect the skin for over 80 years. METRIN® uses the finest herbal and botanical extracts and stimulates a natural response from deep within your skin to produce the healthy, translucent complexion. We were asked to implement a brand refresh that modernised the brand, making it fit seamlessly into lives of today’s generation without losing 
it’s much-trusted heritage. 

Traditional meets Contemporary 

We refined the original METRIN® logo by simplifying to clarify. The previous logo felt busy and confused so we removed the taglines and circular forms whilst modifying the custom serif typeface to achieve a modern-traditional marque which would stand the test of time. The circular forms taken from the original logo were used as a graphic device for the brand to highlight key textures, imagery and typography. 


A Tranquil Environment 

The METRIN® range of products works as a step-by-step process, using separate bottled products for the different stages of the regime. We updated the existing packaging by creating a custom set of stencilled numerals which balanced the traditional aspects of the logo with a much more modern look and feel which the new brand was aiming to achieve. 


Male and Female 

The formula for the products differs slightly for male and female, so we wanted to show this in a subtle yet clear way. We used gold, marble and white textures for the female packaging and photography, and darker tones for the male. This helped create consistency across both sets of products, whilst making the divide clear enough to see when purchasing online. 

Where Nature meets Science

The messaging is focused on how the products take natural ingredients  and combine this with a systematic scientific process to create a formula that delivers the vital nutrients that your skin needs. We played on this by creating clear and catchy headlines that encompassed this METRIN® philosophy. 

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A Photographic System 

Continuing the theme of using nature to help treat the skin, we created a photographic system that helped explain the process of the product in an abstract way. We used crops of natural forms alongside crops of the human body and used the circular graphic device to subtly make the connection between the two whilst staying on brand. 

Bringing the Brand to Life 

Using a combination of the colours, textures, illustration style, graphic device, photography and messaging, the new METRIN® brand starts to come to life as shown in the pieces of print created above.

Illustration Style 

We created an illustration style that when combined with messaging would help explain the process and science behind the product. The thin keyline treatment of the illustration helped keep the brand feeling clear and clean whilst the continuous line concept aided the user, allowing them to follow the process naturally from one stage to the next. 

Translating to Web 

Translating the brand across to web was a logical approach. We used lots of white space to keep the brand feeling pure and combined this with blocks of imagery that were broken up by simple and clear iconography and messaging.