Who are we?

Before you ask, no we don’t own Google. They did steal our name though. Not that we’re bitter about it or anything. Anyway, who are we? Well, we’re a team of youthful, intelligent and dedicated creatives who have an unrivalled energy and passion for creating brands that live and breathe in the millennial generation. 



We make you feel so young! 

We make you feel like spring has sprung, like there are songs to be sung and bells to be rung. That’s right. We’re a forward thinking design agency with a youthful approach. In other words, we offer something totally unique and something that a traditional agency can’t. We’re geared towards a millennial audience and we’re experts in Branding and Art Direction. Whether you're a new start-up looking for an awesome, unique, stand-out brand, or a well established business looking to move with the times and re-connect with your audience. 


Good Looks or Personality? 

It’s the age-old debate. Which is more important? Well we’ve got the answer... it’s both! Nobody wants to date a straight 10/10 with no personality. However, we all know that it’s the fatal attraction that gets the sparks flying. The same goes for your brand. We’re here to give you an image that promises great looks and bags of personality too! 


How do we do it?

Strategy & Positioning:
Using a series of tried and tested research techniques and brand workshops; we dissect your brand and assess your target audience to help determine your brand strategy and position in the industry. 

Messaging & Tone of Voice: 
Remember how we were harping on about Personality earlier on? Well determining your Tone of Voice and a solid Messaging Platform is a good way to make sure you have tons of personality that resonates with your audience. 

Branding & Identity:
This is where the fun starts! We develop a structured brand that includes a Marque, Typography, Illustration, Photography, Iconography, Layout Systems and everything else that you need to stand out from the crowd. 

Art Direction:
From concept generation and storyboarding right through to on-set direction and build; We work with Photographers, Makers and Do-ers to ensure our Brand Vision is brought to life through Photography or Film.

Print & Editorial:
We’re huge fans of print and process here at Alphabet! When working with physical printed pieces, we always try to push the envelope within any budget through using a combination of unconventional processes, materials and a meticulous attention to detail. 

Web & Social:
we live and breathe in the millennial generation, so we always design with digital in mind. We work with the best web developers, app creators and digital innovators to deliver a brand experience that is seamless across all platforms. 

Meet the Team

Sam Lane 

Sam co-founded Alphabet with a vision to create a multi-disciplinary design studio that combines the skills and expertise of a traditional agency, with the youthful energy of a more forward thinking demographic. Sam has worked at a number of leading design studios in the UK, establishing long term relationships as well as producing work for clients including Penguin Books, the V&A and Liverpool Football Club.

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Sebastian Needler

Sebastian co-founded Alphabet to create a platform for innovative idea generation and expert execution. Coming from an Advertising background, he is dedicated to nurturing creative concepts that stand the test of time. He has worked at a number of leading advertising and design agencies across the UK producing work for clients including Channel 4 and Saatchi&Saatchi. 

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Abbas Mushtaq

Abbas co-founded Alphabet with the intentions of bringing creative flair and bold enthusiasm to what can be a monotonous industry by challenging perceptions and helping to build the brands of the future through bold execution of concept. With a passion for Typography and the Craft of Design, Abbas has worked on global design projects, creating branding solutions for clients including Matalan, NBA and OnePlus.

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